Measuring the ecological impact of a web page

And find out how to improve it

    This tool allows you to analyze a web page and know its environmental impact, according to its number of requests, its weight and its download time. You can identify areas for improvement to reduce their footprint.

  • Measure the environmental impact of your site

    You can download the Google Chrome Website Footprint extension to get a quick view of the eco-performance of the sites you're browsing.

  • How to reduce the ecological impact of its website?

    You can access our list of good practices for web eco-design (FR). These good practices will be regularly enriched.

  • How to know the ecological rating of your website?

    Indicate the URL of a web page above, and click on "Analyze". Website Footprint will then do an ecological analysis of the page and give you its CO2 emission, as well as other information on its energy performance. The analysis will result in an overall score out of 100.

  • What is website footprint?

    Website Footprint analyzes web pages, produces an overall rating of ecological performance, and generates suggestions to reduce their impact.